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Keewatin Minnesota History

Page 1  (mostly family and personal history)
Page 2  (general history, sporting, band and church history)
Page 3  (school, organization and union history)
Page 4  (mining history)

Excerpted from
Printed by the Eastern Itascan, Published 1956


Leading thinkers throughout history have attempted to define the word "education".  They have never been able to agree exactly on how  it should be defined, but for centuries there has been little doubt about its essential purpose—to teach someone an idea or fact.

Schools became a necessity as soon as letters were invented. Their importance continued to grow until the present system was reached—the elementary and secondary schools, and institutions of high learning. Americans believe, that if democracy is to function and progress as it should, its citizens should have access to learning.

First pupils enrolled in the first school in Keewatin Minnesota
First pupils enrolled in the first school. These people have been identified: Joe Shuirman, Gabe Shuirman, John McEachin, Alice Shuirman, Adele Johnson, and Lawrence McEachin.

The residents of this community are very grateful to the forward-looking pioneers who established the first schools which have evolved into the present excellent educational system. The Keewatin schools, following the highest standards for elementary and secondary education, have contributed many young people to be among the leaders and followers in this great country of America.

The people of today are always working for a better world in which to live. That better world can be attained through improved education of the youth. That is what the citizens of Keewatin have tried to accomplish. Horace Mann, a great American educator, once told his students in a baccalaureate address: "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."

Carol Makinen, Grade 12

June 12, 1906. Certificate of organization of Common School District Number Nine, Keewatin and Nashwauk.

Board of Education: Charles W. Latvala, George S. Bolton, John M. Bush.

First Public School, Keewatin Minnesota, 1906
First Public School

First School—Two class room frame building on present site of Keewatin schools. Contract let to J. A. Roberts and Company at a cost of about $9,000.00. About twenty-five pupils enrolled at opening and increased to about forty later in the year. Teacher's quarters on second floor. First teachers: Miss Nelson and Miss Hathaway. Janitor and family lived in basement. First janitor: John Maki.

Some of the first teachers in the first school. Among them are the Misses Nelson, Vipond, and Hathaway.

In 1907 the district was organized as Common School District Number Nine of Nashwauk and Keewatin.

  • 1908 — First Superintendent of Schools, Henry A. Gilruth, was hired.

  • 1910—First eighth grade graduates: Pearl Murphy and Mildred Bell.

  • In 1910 there were 194 pupils and five teachers. Miss Bergeman taught cooking and sewing.

  • By 1910 water and power was installed.

  • 1910—Landscaping of grounds.

  • First University of Minnesota graduate from Keewatin was Ben Markus.

  • Contract for St. Paul School at the St. Paul school.

St. Paul Mine location was let to C. A. Killander for about $22,000.00—four classrooms.

St. Paul School, Keewatin Minnesota
St. Paul School

  • 1911 — Principal of Keewatin Schools and St. Paul, W. K. Norris.

  • Dedication—November 1, 1911.

  • Teachers—Miss Norris, Miss Conary, Miss Chase, Miss DeMar.

  • Janitor—Anthony Falbo.

  • 1911—First night school adult classes at St. Paul. Manual training and domestic science taught by Nashwauk instructors. (Modern plumbing, first
    school bath tub etc. Towels at two cents each.) St. Paul school torn down in 1931.

  • In July 1912 schools were changed from a Common to an Independent School District.

  • In 1911, first kindergarten in Village Hall. In 1911 there were 196 pupils.

  • In July 1911, first Keewatin school moved to present site of the R. L. Downing High to be used until a new grade school could be erected.

  • 1914 — Keewatin Grade School building completed; ten classrooms, auditorium, office, library, manual training, home economics.

New Grade School 1914

  • March 14, 1914—Keewatin Grade School dedicated, J. Adam Bede, speaker. (Daughter Rita Bede taught here later). One hundred and fifty pupils enrolled in Grade School.

  • June 7, 1914—First dance in new grade school. DiMarco orchestra of Hibbing furnished the music.

  • March 14, 1914—Miss Frances Sawyer first librarian. First home economics teacher, Miss Mariam Cordes. Library to receive thirty-five magazines and daily papers.

  • 1914—Agricultural plot (instructor from Nashwauk). School and Village library.

  • 1915—First high school work begun.

  • 1915—First school band formed with forty-two pupils.

Keewatin-Nashwauk High School Band 1916. Director, Victor Taipala. Band members first row: Carl Lindquist, Henry Rokola, Ernest Johnston, Rufus Johnston, Peter Billotte, Ted Shuirman: Second row: Vaino Maki, Helmi Taipala, Carl Gentile, Ken. Bright, Carl Backlund, Nick Gentile, Seppo Taipala; Third row: Rudy Raattama, Eino Karkinen, John Morris, Neil McEachin, Russel Tweed, Hans Latvala, Claud Extrum, Wm. Morris, Laurence McEachin, Sul Rantila, Sam Sapiro; Fourth row, Eino Rantala, Ernest Gallina, unidentified, Toivo Nurkka, John Morris, John Tarro, Russell Kuro, George Kokko, Edgar Gallina; Fifth row: Mamie Wirtanen, John McEachin, Gabe Shuirman, and Carl Ranta.

  • 1915—First band concert, Victor Taipole, Director.

  • 1916—School band at State Fair.

  • August 1915—John C. Hoskinson hired as principal.

  • 1916—Night School classes three nights a week.

  • 1917—First school garage built by J. W. Wakkinen.

  • 1918—Influenza epidemic. Schools closed for several months.

  • 1919—Lyceum courses authorized.

  • 1919-1923—C. W. Street, Superintendent of Schools.

  • 1920—Bennett School, Bennett Location, completed during summer and was ready for opening in September.
    Architects: Bray, Holstead and Sullivan of Duluth.
    Teachers: Miss Clara Steinholf, Miss Emily Stember, Miss Amanda Birkholz.
    Lumber from first school used as framework.
    Bennett School sold in 1933.

The Bennett School, Keewatin Minnesota
The Bennett School

  • 1920—First hot lunches served to bus children.

  • 1922—Completion of new R. L. Downing High School. Dedication, February 3, 1922. Named for R. L. Downing, Bennett Mine Superintendent.

  • 1922—Mr. Wickman, Principal.

  • 1923-1938—J. E. Lunn, Superintendent of Schools.

  • 1923—Schools promoted to four year accredited high school list.

Robert L. Downing High School, Keewatin Minnesota
Robert L. Downing High School

  • 1924—First football team.

  • 1924—W. 0. Anderson, Principal.

  • 1924—Beatrice Dandea sent to State Fair, champion bread maker.

  • 1928—Jean Chastan won a free trip to the 4-H Club short course in St. Paul.

  • 1929—Keewatin schools had an enrollment of 794 pupils, the largest in its history.

  • 1929—D. J. Rochon directed his last concert. Left Keewatin to take over band work at St. Thomas College.

  • Mr. C. H. Bordwell, new band director in Keewatin.

  • 1930—Regional Basketball Tournament held in Keewatin.

Night School program held in 1930. From left to right: Gust Silta, Frank Antonich, Peter Knaus, Eino Oja, Tom Saari, Gust Peitilla, Nat Cappelletti, James Rico, Frank lammatteo, Mrs. Pete Fillippi, Tony Molea, John Arrigoni, Mrs. Tony General, Mrs. Pete Lindberg, 011e Erickson, Mrs. Joe Kukich, John Brletich, Mrs. Mike Serich, Andrew Baraga, Mrs. John Kramarich, Mrs. Matt Pribonich, Matt Stockovich, Mike Drezenovich, Mrs. Matt Vukolich, Matt Vukolich, Joe Antonich, Mrs. Tom Saari, Mrs. Hugo Kaisto, Elmer Ylitalo, Mrs. Jack Kleimola, Mrs. Emil Winters, Emil Silta, Mrs. Ida Martolin, Mrs. Chas. Tolvanen, Emil Winters, and John Pukka.

  • 1931—Harriet Stanton and Evelyn Anselmo won trips to State Fair as Clothing Champion and Bread Demonstrator respectively.

  • 1932—Thersa Rico at State Fair as bread making champion of Itasca County. Theresa was also given a reception for winning title of foremost young lady in 4-H Club at the National Convention held in Chicago.

  • 1932—Keewatin graduated 56 graduates, largest class in the history of the school.

  • 1939-1944—D. F. Dickerson, Superintendent of Schools.

  • 1944-1950—W. O. Anderson, Superintendent of Schools.

  • 1944—Dan B. Dasovic, Principal. 1950—M. J. Weinberger, Superintendent of Schools.

    Present enrollment, 419; kindergarten through the 12th grade inclusive. Present number of teachers, 28. (Note: this was written in 1956)


Football (Arrowhead Conference): 1947, George P. Williams, Coach; 1949, George P. Williams, Coach; 1950, George P. Williams, Coach.

Basketball (District 28): 1937, William Ress, Coach; 1951, George P. Williams, Coach.

Speech Contests: Regional Winners: 1937, Ralph Kokkonen; 1941, Amy
Knudson; 1946, Richard Anderson; 1947, Richard Donlon; 1948, Constance Verrant; 1954, Warren Mason; 1956, Thomas Shuirman, James Verrant, Rozann Uremovich, Beverly Kruchoski.

State Winners: 1949, Joan Shuirman; 1955, Warren Mason; 1955, Maxine Karpan.

Keewatin Minnesota High School Band 1956
High School Band 1956. ,Inner circle: Mary Margaret Fazio, Julian D'Andrea, Shirley Golla, Suzanne Patzoit, Elaine Kruchoski, Joel Omptvedt, Dean Dickovich. Middle circle: Carol Makinen, Carol Johnson, Corrine Schutte, Natalie Pellicciotti, David Kleimola, Roberta Dickovich, Don Ella Novak, Judy Muhar, Ed Gustin, Tom Shuirman, Linda Makinen, James Verrant, Cleone Milani, Frances Matosich, Mary DeFonso. Outer circle: Ted Renfors, Josette Vukmonich, Art Hill, Mary Russo, Sharon Ruhanen, David Milani, James Spadaccini, David Nordstrom, Wilton Durheim, Louis Russo, Tom Adams, Beverley Kruchoski, Galen Nordstrom, Jim Mayerle, Romaine Menard, Louis Michelich, Jack DeFonso, John Heino, Richard Dover, Sam Skarich, Leo Fox, Mary Ann Quayle. Standing circle: Mary Alice Adams, Sandra Mason, Judy Schweiger, Mary Lee Clemens, Gerald Krueger, Sharon Mayerle, Eldon Kruchoski, Russell Pulka, David Grcevich, Kathy Moore, John Vukmonich, F. J. Raniele, Karen Kettunen, Marcia Sametz.




The American Legion is the service organization with the longest period of organization in the Village of Keewatin. It was first organized on March 20, 1920 with 15 charter members. At the 50 year mark of Keewatin's history, the American Legion lists 130 members.

The Legion has a long history of service to the community by sponsoring celebrations on patriotic holidays. The American Legion medal is awarded to the boy high school graduate with the highest scholastic average. Bginning with 1956, a scholarship of$100 will also be presented. The Legion sponsors the American Junior Legion baseball activities, the school patrol, and the annual delegate to Boys' State.


Commander Tony Emanuel
Vice Commander Nick Perrella
Vice Commander Clarence LeClaire
Adjutant Joseph Grcar
Finance Officer Tony Perrella
Service Officer John Emanuel
Chaplain Tom Commerford
Sargeant at Arms Leon Rostvold


American Legion Past Commanders, Keewatin Minnesota
American Legion Past Commanders


The Legion Auxiliary was organized in 1920 with Mrs. A. C. Kean actingas first president. The charter issued in 1921 lists 17 charter members as compared to the current membership of 72. The charter members were: Laurette Anderson, Retta Bede, Mrs. John Beecroft, Mrs. Richard Camaish, Inez Carlson, Mrs. James Golden, Mrs. A. W. Kangas, Mrs. A. C. Kean, Ruth Linstrom, Gladys Olson, Mrs. Fred Peiton, Catherine Shea, Mrs. J. A. Stampe, Mrs. W. B. Steenstrup, and Mrs. F. V. Wakkinen.

The primary objective of the Auxiliary is the furthering of the Legion's program of service to the nation. Locally, the group has fostered a variety of activities. A few of these are a Child Welfare Program, which insures care and protection for any veteran's child; a yearly poppy sale, which finances the Rehabilitation work; sewing and gift projects, which are sent to state institutions and veteran hospitals; and the sale of Christmas seals, which is instrumental in promoting good health. Moreover the Auxiliary makes the same awards that the Legion does for scholarship and for Girls' State.


President Mrs. James Bevacqua, Jr.
First Vice Pres Mrs. Nick Muhar, Jr.
Second Vice Pres Mrs. John Bolf
Secretary Mrs. Albert Gallina
Treasurer Mrs. Calvert Bardine
Chaplain Mrs. Tony Perrella
Historian Mrs. Ernest Schutte

Officers of American Legion Auxiliary, Keewatin Minnesota, 1956
Current Officers of American Legion Auxiliary


Twice in its 50 year history, our small community has been called to support a national war effort. In both World War I and World War II, Keewatin enthusiastically responded with its sons. Eighty-two answered the call in the War of 1917 and over five hundred from Keewatin had performed duty by the end of World War II. The first to answer the summons in 1917 include Frank Capelletti, Wm. Phephles, Louis Jeanette, Anton Logar, Frank Dianne, and Tony Branca. Those among the first to leave Keewatin at the time of the second world war were Nick "Kiki" Spadaccini, Eli Vukodinovich, and Victor Naglich.

The list of the Departed Comrades includes:

Spanish American War
John Stapelton and Jim Reynolds

World War I
Dominic Bertogliot, Nels Hatlen, George Murphy, Joseph Preshiren, Urho Ranta, William Ress, Carl Rico, D. J. Rochon, Neil Shea, John Suzick, August Venier, Dominic Venier, John Waara, Charles Zevnick.

World War II
Frank Belancic, Matt Churack, Raymond Cossick, Ivar Erickson, Wilbur Eckstrom, Robert Johnson, Lauri Kallio, George Moffat, Frank Molea, Tony Molea, Alfred Paatala, Vernon Peterson, Frank Prebonic, Frank Schweiger, John Sippola, Lauri Sippola, Ladislau Vessel

Service Training
Norman Williams.

Keewatin Roll of Honor
Keewatin Roll of Honor

Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Prebonic-Belancic Post was chartered in 1946 with 102 members. Membership at present is 155. The V.F.W. is an active organization. Besides promoting the interests of veterans, the V.F.W. has an excellent record for community services rendered. It has arranged community programs to commemorate patriotic holidays. In addition, the V.F.W. makes an annual award to the outstanding graduating senior in athletics. With the aid of the V.F.W. Auxiliary, an annual banquet is held to honor Keewatin's outstanding citizen.

V. F. W. entertained the veterans of the -First World War. Front row: Tony Branca, A. J. Boudreau,
Archie Donlon, Frank Chaurand, Ray Miller, Al Riggo, Albert Gallina; Back row: Walt Youngkins, Knute Jensen, Matt Povaiba, Henry Ericson, Leo Fox, Odin Berg, Earl Smith, Charles Bordwell, Frank Gordon, Albert Turpinen, Mike lazzio, and Joe Fontaine.

Officers in 1956

Commander Hal Turpin
Senior Vice Pres Matt Lott
Junior Vice Pres Emett Klemik
Quartermaster George Damjanovich
Adjutant Charles Koprevich
Trustee Carold DeJarlais
Chaplain Charles Koprevich
Judge Advocate Matt Brletich


Keewatin Minnesota Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1956
Veterans of Foreign Wars. Front row: Lee Clemens, George Dickovich, Steve Grcevich, Williard Anderson; Back row: John Minerich, Russell Peterson, Rocci Spadaccini, and Vernon Peterson, along with installing officers

V.F.W. Auxiliary

The V.F.W. Auxiliary No. 5516 was instituted in 1946
with 45 charter members. The first officers were:

President Anne Dickovich
Senior Vice Pres Mary A. Clemens
Junior Vice Pres Lillian D'Andrea
Treasurer Rose Kallio
Secretary Louise Roonzani
Conductress Mary Grcevich
Chaplain Mrs. Mike Michelich
Patriotic Instructor Ann Spadaccini
Guard Frieda Mayerle

Mrs. Verna Sardine and Mrs. Sally Peterson

1955-56 Officers

President Alyce Breletich
Senior Vice Pres Mrs. Sadie Peterson
Junior Vice Pres Mrs. Dora Leone
Treasurer Mrs. Gen Mayerle
Secretary Mrs. Hazel Ingborg
Conductress Mrs. Mary Clemens
Chaplain Mrs. Mary Grahek
Patriotic Instructor Mrs. Lillian Sametz
Guard Mrs. Hal Turpin

Theresa Lott, Theresa Serratore, Mrs. John Draskovich.

First Officers of V. F. W. Auxiliary, Keewatin Minnesota, 1956
First Officers of V. F. W. Auxiliary. Front row: Mary Clemens, Louise Ronzooni, Anne Dickovich, Lillian D'Andrea, Mary Michelich; Second row: Freda Mayerle, Mary Grcevich, Verna Sardine, Anne Spadaccini, Sally Peterson, and Rose Kalilo.


The Keewatin Moose Lodge was organized on February 17, 1929,
 with the following as the first officers:

Post Dictator Leo Fox
Dictator Nicola A. Cortese
Vice Dictator W. R. O'Connell
Prelate Charlie Nordstrom
Secretary Mike Treno, Sr.
Treasurer Mike Michelich
Sergeant-at-arms Joe Videnich
Inner Guard  Tony Logar
Outer Guard Frank Morris, Sr

Joseph Colosema, William Morris, and Henning Johnson.

The purpose of the Moose Fraternity organization is Purity, Aid, and Progress. One of the strongest factors in the evergrowing success of the Moose Fraternity is its complete love for children. The Moose provide a home and school for dependent children of deceased members at Moose-heart and a home of opportunity for dependent aged members and their wives at Moosehaven.

The organization promotes civic affairs, and it sponsors with other organizations, Fourth of July celebrations, Youth Honor Day, Christmas party for kiddies, and donates from its funds both to Nashwauk and Keewatin to educational and charitable institutions. The Moose at the present time are sponsoring the Cub and Boy Scouts of Keewatin. The State Moose Convention was held at Keewatin, Minnesota, in July, 1937, with Jack Beecroft as General Chairman.

The present officers are:

Post Governor Stanley D'Andrea
Governor John Fazio
Junior Governor Mike Treno, Jr.
Prelate Anthony Fazio
Sergeant-at-arms Howard Trythall
Secretary Theodore Renfors
Inner Guard Dominic Liocoma
Outer Guard Kenneth Burns
Trustee, 1 year Henning Johnson
Trustee, 2 years Matt Vesel
Trustee, 3 years Fred Montifeltro


The Women of the Moose dates back to November, 1929 with a charter group of 26 members. Officers at the time were:

Senior Regent Margaret Weisse
Junior Regent Hazel Blair
Recorder Emma Miglierini
Treasurer Adeline Anselmo
Graduate Regent Nettie Brown
Chaplain Margaret Vercellini

The membership of the present Moose includes women from Nashwauk and Pengilly. The Women of the Moose help support the National Child Center of Mooseheart, and an old folks' home, Moosehaven, at Orange, Florida. Among the organization's activities are the sponsoring of the local Cancer drive as well as aid to student nurses.

At the present time, the society has 50 members with the following officers:

Senior Regent Kate Medich
Junior Regent Margaret Fazio
Recorder Mildred Miskovich
Treasurer Bertilda Gaynor
Graduate Regent Hagar Gabardi
Chaplain Hannah Meade
Guide Mildred Moore
Assistant Guide Dorothy Nordstrom
Sentinel Florence Bothke
Argus Velva Sapan

Women of the Moose. Front row: Helmi Sametz, Marge;. Fazio., Dorothy Nordstrom, Mary Vesel; Second row: Catherine Briski, Katherine Medich, Ann Hill, Ruth Omtvedt, Mary Rebrovich, Anne Korpela, Catherine Wattergren, Clara Metz; Third row: Evelyn Blair, Anita Perrella, Marie Kesely, Hazel Blair, Marie Peterson, Helen Bolf, and Irene Ficera.


The Women's Catholic Order of Foresters was organized September 8, 1935. The first officers were:

Chief Ranger Mary Savoy
Vice Chief Ranger Louise Curto
Recording Secretary Helen Pintar
Financial Secretary Mary Schmidt
Treasurer Helen Olson

Mary Kordish, Rose Adams, and Mary Zevnick.

The Catholic Order of Foresters have 54 members at the present time with the following officers:

Chief Ranger Johanna Karpan
Vice Chief Ranger Hazel Blair
Recording Secretary Mary Sordi
Financial Secretary Mary Zevnick
Treasurer Josephine Schutte

Mary Filippi, Mary Michelich, and Ann Spadaccini.
Mary Brletich and Dorothy Stuntebeck.
Ann Juhlin and Ann Gustin.

THE C. I. O.

It was not until 1939, after several unsuccessful attempts, that Labor Unions became firmly established. At this time, the United Steel Workers of America became an effective force in economic relations.

Working, safety, and health conditions, have greatly improved because the companies and the union have worked together. Standard of living has become the highest in the world, and the miner has become one of the highest paid workers in America. A pension plan for retired miners, and a social insurance plan have been negotiated between the company and the union for the miners.

The unions have been active in all civic and community affairs. They have contributed large sums of money to all important fund drives and belong to a lot of memorials.

Local No. 2660 (Hanna Mines)

Local No. 2660 with a membership close to 1000 members represents the Mesabi Chief, the Perry, Carlz, Morton Mines, and Section 18. Officers are:
President Joe Gustin
Vice President Joseph Chamernick
Recording Sec'y Charles Koprivich
Financial Sec'y Tony Osojnicki
Treasurer Nick Muhar

Local 1439 (Cleveland-Cliffs)
President Lloyd Bunce
Vice President Larry Hedman
Recording Sec'y Alvin Blair
Financial Sec'y John Minerich
Treasurer Mike Damjanovich

Local 2476 (Bennett Local)
President Walfred Laine
Vice President Louis Falbo
Recording Sec'y Emil Shubat
Financial Sec'y John Sersich
Treasurer Louis DeFonso

C.I.O. Auxiliary
The Keewatin C.I.O. Auxiliary was organized in February, 1946,
 with the following officers elected:
President Ann Koski
Vice President Ann Hill
Secretary Ann Gustin
Treasurer Lyda Laine
PAC Chairman Molly Boben

 The Auxiliary is composed of wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and any other feminine relatives of members of the C.I.O., and the purpose is to further the program of the C.I.O., educate women in trade unionism and to take political action in line with the C.I.O.

This Auxiliary has donated to all community projects—to the Heart Fund, Cancer Drive, Red Cross, and conducted the Emergency Polio Drive in 1949. Each year, they send a CARE package to an orphanage in Korea and collect old Christmas cards for a mission in India.

The present officers are:
President Hazel Blair
Vice President Esther Thornburg
Secretary Lyda Laine
Treasurer Mary Brletich
PAC Chairman Johanna Karpan

Ann Koski, Esther Blair, and Helen Grcevich.


A landmark that was the center of much of Keewatin's early community life building known as the Finn Hall. The Finn Hall was designed and planned in 1911 by the Finnish Society as a social and cultural center for the Finnish people of Keewatin. It was a place for meetings, dances, and plays not only for people of Finnish extraction but for the entire community.

First Finn Hall in Keewatin Minnesota
First Finn Hall

In the pre-automobile days, Saturday night dances and plays, some in Finnish and others in English, were great attractions for many people. With the advent of rapid means of transportation and communication, as well as the decline of the first generation of Finns, the Hall has been dormant for the past few years.

Finnish play cast—Spring 1913, Keewatin Minnesota
Finnish play cast—Spring 1913. Front row: Mrs. G. Pauhu, Mrs. Lammi, Mrs. John Newman, Mrs. Henry Pauhu, Mrs. Oscar Waara; Second row: John Heino (Duluth), Moisio, Henry Pauhu, Einar Kettunen, Mrs. Malmberg; Third row: Gabriel Pauhu, John Jokinen, Oscar Waara, Malmberg, Newman, and John Niemi.


Scouting has been a consistent part of the community's endeavor for Keewatin youth. Although interest rises and wanes, Keewatin has always maintained a connection with the scout movement. As members of Troop 18, many Keewatin boys have become acquainted with the ideals and skills that are taught. Many have reached the top in scouting. A partial list of Eagle Scouts includes Buddy Chappel, Larry Maloney, Dennis O'Brien, Pat Adams, and Jim Verrant. At the present time four dens are very active under James Pellicciotti, Cub Scout master. The Scouts are currently being sponsored by the Moose.

Girl Scouting while dormant at the present time has also left its mark. A high spot in scouting for girls was the year 1933, when under the sponsorship of the then Keewatin Women's Club, the following girls won the highest award in scouting: Marie D'Andrea, Mary Grivest, Joyce Lehner, and Phyllis Mahon.


The Keewatin Congress of Parents and Teachers was organized on September 21, 1955 with 28 charter members. At the close of the first year,the membership increased to 104. The broad objective of the organization is to promote the welfare of the students, and to foster a closer relationship between the home and the school. Besides holding the Community Hallowe'en party, the P-TA also sponsors the Teen-Age club and a patrol boy at Youth Camp. The first slate of officers are as follows:

President Mrs. James Pellicciotti
Vice President Mrs. Tony Emanuel
Secretary Mrs. Frank Adams
Treasurer Mrs. Walter Mitchell
Program Vic Spadaccini
Publicity Mrs. Donald Lindahl
Membership Mrs. Frank Sametz
Budget Mrs. Toivo Makinen
Faculty Representative Dan Dasovic
Health Mrs. Charles Koprevich
Youth Center and Playground Tony Emanuel
Refreshments Mrs. Nick Muhar
Hospitality John Mestnick

P. T. A. Officers in Keewatin Minnesota, 1956
P. T. A. Officers: Mrs. Frank Adams, Mrs. Walter Mitchell, Mrs. Tony Emanuel, and Mrs. James Pellicciotti.

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