Mower County News

07/19/2018 11:46 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Austin men plead not guilty to marijuana possession 

Darnell Jones, 28, and Armondo Jones, 19, are charged with 5th degree drug possession. They were arrested June 21 after a joint search by the Austin Police Department, Mower County Sheriff's Office, and the Southeastern Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team.

07/16/2018 10:14 AM  ~~~Source~~~
From Syringe to Sobriety 

"A lot of it is a two-week waiting list you know sometimes you need to get in right away and two weeks is too long," said Paige, a recovering drug addict. Paige is on her way to make a better life for herself and her family.

07/13/2018 10:48 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Where Does Your Trash Go? Hormel Nature Center Eco-Blitz Focuses On Waste 

As part of its Waste Week events, the Hormel Nature Center hosted trips Friday to the Austin Waste Transfer Station and Mower County Recycling Center, aiming to show people what happens after the items they throw away leave their sight. Around a dozen people took the tour Friday afternoon, watching firsthand as some of the nearly 14,000 tons -- almost 3,000,000 pounds -- of trash collected weekly in Austin was compacted and shipped to a landfill in Lake Mills, Iowa.

07/13/2018 12:08 AM  ~~~Source~~~

The Austin Police Department and the Mower County Sheriff's Office have a combined Special Emergency Response Team that respond to certain emergency scenarios, such as hostage situations. Some of the members of that team are trained as snipers - people who conceal themselves and can fire a weapon from a very long distance.

07/12/2018 12:58 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Child's drowning death being called an accident 

LYLE TOWNSHIP, Minn. Authorities say the drowning death of a six-year-old boy appears to have been an accident.

07/06/2018 06:09 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Austin Woman Falls Victim to 'Grandparent Scam' 

According to the Mower County Sheriff's Office, earlier this week a 92-year-old woman received a call from a person who said her grandson was involved in a car accident and arrested in another state. The woman said the caller asked for bail money, which she sent.

07/03/2018 02:16 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Mower County to decide on future of clean energy funding program 

PACE, property assessed clean energy, provides funding for energy efficiency projects through the Rural Minnesota Energy Board. Program administrator Robin Weis spoke at the Mower County board meeting last Tuesday to discuss the details and options.

07/01/2018 01:55 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Downed Trees Fall on Home, Block Roads 

In Albert Lea storms knocked out power and downed trees. One large branch fell on a home and just missed a car.

06/29/2018 06:21 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Rural Mower County Machine Shed Damaged in Fire 

Crews were called to a building at J & R Ransom Trucking on 610th Avenue south of Rose Creek around 9:25 p.m. Thursday. Upon arrival, deputies saw flames coming out of a window near a workshop and storage area, Mower County Chief Deputy Mark May said.

06/29/2018 06:21 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Man Arrested for Allegedly Taking Items from County Impound Lot 

A man was arrested Thursday evening for allegedly taking electronics out of a vehicle at the Mower County Impound Lot. Mower County Deputy Mark May said a witness called law enforcement around 6 p.m. and reported seeing someone going through impounded vehicles.

06/28/2018 02:21 AM  ~~~Source~~~
LeRoy man accused of smashing window at floral shop 

MOWER COUNTY, Minn. A LeRoy man is facing a first-degree criminal mischief charge for allegedly damaging Ed's Floral in LeRoy on May 20. Jeffrey Phillips, 36, is accused of leaving Travel Lanes Bar before he was seen punching the window at the floral shop.

06/26/2018 08:15 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Mower County is one of the 10 nicest places in America 

The finalists for this year's list were selected to feature all of the different ways that "nice" exists across the country. Senior editor Jeremy Greenfield said Reader's Digest wanted to show that there is good happening all around, especially in a time where the news can be full of negativity.