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09/02/2018 12:51 PM  ~~~Source~~~
She disappeared in 1995, now woman's daughters make a plea for more information in case 

HALLOCK, Minn.-The daughters of Becky Jo Look pleaded with the public for help in finding their mother nearly 23 years after she disappeared. In a video posted by the Kittson County Sheriff's Office on Friday, Aug. 31, Look's daughters, Laura and Misty, said they feared the worst after her disappearance, but they're "more hopeful than ever before" because of renewed interest in the case.

08/31/2018 10:05 PM  ~~~Source~~~
A 23-year old missing persons case in Kittson County has new details, reopening the 'cold' case 

In the Fall of 1995, 41-year-old Becky Jo Look went missing from this small town in Northern Minnesota. "The guy running the Sheriff's office looked at the case, and he believed that she left the area and she went missing somewhere else.

08/17/2018 09:15 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota cold case investigation involves digging on farm 

Authorities in far northwestern Minnesota are digging on a farm as they investigate a 22-year-old missing person case. WDAZ-TV reports that the Kittson County Sheriff's Office is using backhoes and cadaver dogs to search for clues in the disappearance of Becky Jo Look.

08/15/2018 01:38 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Backhoe and dogs being used in cold case search of woman missing 23 years 

HALLOCK, MINN. - Kittson County Sheriff Steve Porter says there's a search underway at an undisclosed location in Northwestern Minnesota for a woman who disappeared 23-years ago.

08/12/2018 03:09 PM  ~~~Source~~~
'Still adjusting, still farming' after husband's suicide, Minnesota woman carries on the family farm 

With her miniature Schnauzer Bridgette at her feet, Theresia Gillie talks about her life following her husband's April 2017 suicide during an interview in her rural Hallock, Minn. home.