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01/26/2018 09:01 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Emergency aid is needed for rural, urban community health centers 

Funding legislative operations will be the first order of business for Minnesota lawmakers returning to the State Capitol on Feb. 20. But if they can quickly accomplish that self-interested goal - and they will - they should also have the decency to provide temporary funding to keep the doors open at the state's vital community health center network. The monthslong federal failure to fund these safety net clinics, which are often the only place to get care for miles around in rural Minnesota, is a stunning act of congressional negligence.

01/04/2018 10:01 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Cook County Drug Court Gives Addicts a Second Chance 

"They were prescribed from the doctor, but after that, I would just find any way to try to get 'em from them," he said. He could serve that time, or he could be the first participant in Cook County's new drug court program.

12/30/2017 03:36 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Most older folks live in least populous rural counties 

Minnesota and its neighboring states have younger populations compared to some other regions of the U.S. Except for North Dakota, the other Upper Midwestern states fall mostly in the middle of the pack, similar to the national median age of about 38 years. Several New England states, for example, have a median age that is four to six years older.