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06/25/2018 08:17 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Autofest Care and Motorcycle Show 

Left: Vehicles from every era were on display at the Autofest. Some of the oldest models cars need to be wound-up in order to start.

06/09/2018 02:53 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Memorial Park plans get a shot in a... 

Plans for a new Memorial Park in Jackson got a shot in the arm last week from the state of Minnesota. Included in the state bonding bill signed by Gov. Mark Dayton last Wednesday is a $290,000 earmark for Jackson's Memorial Park redevelopment project.

06/07/2018 01:53 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Public pensions - bipartisan bill secured future 

Amidst the angst taxpayers may have for another case of gridlock this year at the Legislature, we can all take solace that in at least one case Democrats and Republicans worked together to address a critical issue: unfunded liabilities in public pensions. The state was facing an outstanding pension bill of $16.2 billion.

06/01/2018 10:45 AM  ~~~Source~~~
News, Sports, Jobs 

ST.a SPAULa S- State Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Vernon Center, chairwoman of the Commission on Pensions and Retirement, is celebrating the signing by Gov. Mark Dayton of a landmark overhaul of Minnesota's public pension system. Rosen spent several years working on the reforms, which will close the unfunded liability gap in Minnesota's public pensions.

05/31/2018 11:17 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Governora s final bill 

Gov. Mark Dayton, center, applauds along with supporters of bipartisan pension legislation that passed both chambers of the Legislature unanimously. Dayton signed the legislation Thursday, May 31, in the State Capitol rotunda in St. Paul, which will stabilize pension funds for 511,000 current and retired state workers.