Taylors Falls News

07/13/2018 08:16 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Taylors Falls Council informed of Wannigan Days re-birth; new activities, interstate parade return 

TF and St Croix Falls on the opposite side of the hydroelectric dam are joining forces, after going their separate ways on Wannigan Days-- a traditionally shared summertime celebration. No worries; city leaders are on friendly terms again, the interstate bridge and Highway 8 are no longer parade killing public safety hurdles that the former St Croix Falls mayor declared them to be.

07/10/2018 08:58 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Rock Climber Fights For Life After Taylors Falls Plummet 

At about 4:15 p.m., emergency crews were summoned after a witness on the Wisconsin side of the park saw the climber fall from a rock ledge and land at the edge of the St. Croix River. The 23-year-old man was found by first responders - among them were the Taylors Falls Fire Department, Lakes Region EMS, and Life Link III, along with sheriff's deputies.

07/10/2018 08:58 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Scientists Say Pink Is The World's Oldest Color 

Researchers from the Australian National University say they studied samples of rocks taken from deep beneath the Sahara desert and crushed the billion-year-old shale deposits down to unlock their true colors. "The bright pink pigments are the molecular fossils of chlorophyll that were produced by ancient photosynthetic organisms inhabiting an ancient ocean that has long since vanished," said Dr. Nur Gueneli from the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

07/06/2018 05:54 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Meet Grand Marshal Joe Thimm 

Karl Oskar Days Grand Marshal Joe Thimm exercises the golden rule and is realizing its dividends. The thing most everybody says-- when asked about Joe-- is that he treats colleagues, friends, even short term professional acquaintances the way he would like to be treated.

06/26/2018 02:56 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Officials gather to review housing processes, policies 

It isn't very often that elected city officials and zoning staff from the cities in Chisago County get a chance to meet with each other in the same room and take a look at a common issue. At a county HRA/EDA workshop last week, at the Lakes Region EMS Community Room, dozens of city officials had the chance to do just that.