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01/12/2018 07:25 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Readers Write: Trump and immigration, health care policy, the political process 

Why do we want people from places like Haiti and Africa in the United States, President Donald Trump asks, using the vulgar word "shithole" to describe those places? Why can't we get more people from Norway, he wonders? My great-grandfather, abandoned by his father and orphaned by the death of his mother when he was 3, left his home country in the 1860s because Norway was a shithole that could not feed its own people and had laws of primogeniture giving him no hope for his future. His hope was the 160 acres outside Starbuck, Minn.

01/08/2018 10:49 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Mother of dead Minn. soldier can't get answers on theft of his identity 

Minnesota National Guardsman Jeff Kirkwold served two tours overseas before dying of a stroke in 2013. Now his mother is fighting for his reputation.

11/02/2017 06:07 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Dayton acts to end propane delivery issues 

Members of Minnesota's propane industry gather with Gov. Mark Dayton on Jan. 28, 2014, to discuss the situtation of high prices and short availability of the fuel. State leaders say such action is not needed in 2017.

10/20/2017 06:22 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Hay, MnDOT to listen to mowing concerns 

Everyone knows that weather and prices concern farmers, but it surprises many people that mowing roadside ditches has become a top issue in farm country. It is a big enough concern that the state Legislature slapped a moratorium until May of 2018 on the Minnesota Department of Transportation requiring permits to mow ditches along 12,000 miles of state roads.

08/21/2017 08:09 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Second Minnesota lake infested in 2017 by starry stonewort 

The state Department of Natural Resources said Monday that starry stonewort has been found in Lake Minnewaska in Pope County. The 7,500-acre lake, the largest in Pope County and a popular spot for anglers and boaters, is the 11th in the state to be infested with the invasive algae since the first infestation was reported in 2015.