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How it Came to Be 

This excerpt is from a long article about the early years of TV along the border in our area. There was a race who got their transmitting tower up first , and some called KCND a "bargain basement" station.

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1907 St. Vincent Main Street 

T his shows the main street in St. Vincent, Minn. in 1907. Many buildings line the street and electric lines are visible.

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Headlines: New Year 1908, Bullet Dance, & Ferry Franchise 

Pioneer Express January 3, 1908 The New Year was ushered in by the bells of the city echoing with those of St. Vincent and Emerson, assisted by about a half dozen locomotive whistles, at the roundhouses, proclaiming twelve o'clock. There are not many places on the American continent where two states can join hands with Great Britain and celebrate the dawn of a New Year.

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Frank 'Chicken Stalker' Dickens & Fort Dufferin 

From Wayne Arseny, former mayor of Emerson: I think of the latrine at Fort Dufferin and once read something about it being a 3-hole toilet. To me that was a rare oddity, and kooky as it sounds to write about, something people would want to see inside for themselves after reading it on a sign.

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History of the Kittson County Bench & Bar 

"The term was finished in two and a half days, and the balance of last day, awaiting the arrival of the train south, was spent fishing by the court and attorneys, after each catching his own frogs for bait. To the younger members of the bar it was rather an amusing circumstance to see Judge Stearns, then well up in years and of a very dignified and patriarchal appearance, lay aside his judicial dignity and pursue the diminutive amphibians with an agility which surprised them all."