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10/11/2018 10:09 PM  ~~~Source~~~
State agency looking into Frontier notice shortcomings 

The MN Public Utilities Commission meets today to decide what if any action is needed to remedy the fact that almost 30 percent of Frontier's Minnesota customers failed to receive company notice of public hearings meant to gather complaints about Frontier service. The Chisago County Press attended the hearing at Wyoming City Hall It was later discovered that many in the customer base who would be likely to attend the Wyoming hearing were not sent the required 10-day notice.

08/23/2018 06:04 PM  ~~~Source~~~
The quest to arrest the pest 

Officials have been saying for more than a decade now that it's not a matter of 'if' the Emerald Ash Borer arrives to destroy area ash trees, it's 'when.' That time edged closer to Pipestone County when EAB was discovered in northern Sioux Falls in early May. It was the first confirmed infestation in South Dakota, but officials know there will be more, and Sioux Falls had already planned for what it called EAB's "inevitable discovery.

07/31/2018 04:05 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Night Out' slated for Aug. 7 

"Not only do we protect and serve, but we'll even serve you dinner that night. It's going to be hot dogs and chips."