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03/29/2018 03:57 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Standing tall 20 years after tornado 

Photo courtesy of Roy Janni This photo, taken from Roy Janni's video of the March 29, 1998 tornado, shows the massive size of the funnel. The flash in the miiddle is the spark from a power line as the tornado passes by.

03/24/2018 06:53 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Paul Douglas: The fresh snow will be gone before you know it 

I'm a fan of snow, especially when I'm not watching it pile up on the freeway in front of me. Bring on fresh piles of white from December into March, but by April I'm questioning whether my yard will ever green up again.

08/30/2017 03:46 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Five more sex sting suspects charged 

The final five suspects in a week-long undercover sex sting operation last week that netted eight suspects in Springfield were charged with felony prostitution in Brown County District Court Tuesday. Sex sting suspects ranged in age from 20 to 70. Court complaint details included suspects and law enforcement sending hundreds of text messages to each other, according to court documents.

06/20/2017 02:53 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Staff photos by Clay Schuldt Firefighters battled a fire north of Sanborn Monday night. 

Fire departments from Sanborn, Lamberton and Wanda responded to a fire at the Brake Away garage on Highway 14 north of Sanborn. The Fire Department was called shortly after 9 p.m. Once on the scene it determined a truck inside the garage was on fire.

06/07/2017 01:19 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Skittles-flavored brats 

Riseling Wine and Swiss Cheese, Blueberry Wildrice and Skittles bratwursts from Deustchland Meats in Lindstrom, Minn. Long before Martin and Joyce Ziegler ran the Glockenspiel in St. Paul, the family was in the butcher business.