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01/04/2018 02:33 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Frothy reads: the best in beer books 

I love to read. I also love beer. Just as my tastes have matured from Natural Ice to finely tuned lagers, bombastic barrel-aged brews, and juicy east-coast hop bombs, so too has my bedroom library evolved from basic to refined.

12/29/2017 03:52 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota homeowners rush to pre-pay taxes before 2018 

St. Cloud Finance Director Ruth Wipper helps us break down the budget to determine the percentage of money spent on public safety, public works and more. Clerk Jean Kiphuth works with Theresa Tschumberlin, Rice, to pay her 2018 property taxes Friday, Dec. 29, at the Stearns County Administration Center.

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Where did Minneapolis' sound come from? The Current's Andrea Swensson knows. 

This song and Prince's purple "reign" is the pulsating crescendo of Andrea Swensson's book " Got To Be Something Here: The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound. " Swensson, a music reporter and radio host for "The Local Show" on Minnesota Public Radio's 89.3 The Current, points out Prince's lyric in her final chapter, "Funkytown."

12/19/2017 08:34 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Macro And Credit - Rician Fading 

Watching the dizzying levels reached by the Bitcoin mania in true " Orchidelirium " fashion in conjunction with the latest FOMC decision being the final for Janet Yellen with disappointing wage growth on the background still confounding the Phillips curve cult members, when it came to picking up our post title analogy for our final long post of the year, we reminded ourselves of "Rician fading" given the weakening central banking support narrative. Rician fading or Ricean fading is a stochastic model for radio propagation anomaly in case you asked and is caused by partial cancellation of a radio signal by itself - the signal arrives at the receiver by several different paths , and at least one of the paths is changing .

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1886 Sauk Rapids Tornado: Minnesota's Worst Tornado Ever [WATCH] 

Did you know one of the worst tornadoes in Minnesota history was here in Sauk Rapids? It leveled the entire booming city, leaving death and destruction in it's path. It was on April 14, 1886 at approximately 4pm, that a couple tornadoes hit St. Cloud, merged and headed to Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.