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12/28/2017 02:50 PM  ~~~Source~~~
At first, they couldn't see the cabin for the trees 

I'm dictating this file half-asleep in my favorite bedroom in The Cabin, listening to the wind sighing through the trees and raindrops bouncing off the leaves. The first time I saw The Cabin, south of Remer, Minn., it was wasn't a cabin but just a steep, wooded lot crammed with trees and underbrush so thick you could barely make your way in.

12/11/2017 09:47 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Cass County Board: County garage cost comes in below estimates 

County Engineer Darrick Anderson reported Thursday to the county board the county's cost for the new highway garage at Remer looks like it will finalize at below $825,000. That is well below the $900,000 to $1 million projected cost if the county had not partnered with the city of Remer for also building a new ambulance garage and a new fire hall.