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11/20/2017 09:08 AM  ~~~Source~~~
4 Native American statues Minnesota could do without 

Chief Wenoga was one of few survivors of a battle between the Ojibwe and Sioux, and for that, he gets a party named after him. 1. Chief Busticogan, an Ojibwe, lived near the Big Fork River in what is now Itasca County, some 200 miles north of the Twin Cities.

11/07/2017 03:16 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Election Day for Minnesota, Michigan Voters 

Eyewitness News is following a number of local races in Duluth. Four of the nine City Council seats are on the ballot and Duluthians will vote on a half-cent sales tax that will be directed to road repairs.

10/13/2017 10:57 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota Chippewa plan their own environmental survey of Enbridge's Line 3 proposal 

Minnesota Chippewa bands will do their own assessment of Enbridge's Line 3 proposal, looking at the "cumulative impact" of the pipeline on American Indians. The Chippewa, also known as the Ojibwe or Ashinabeeg, have long been opposed to Enbridge's proposal to replace its aging and corroding Line 3 pipeline.

08/09/2017 06:36 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Mixed test results for area schools 

Area schools saw mixed results on statewide tests this past spring, according to scores released this week by the state Department of Education.

05/24/2017 06:19 PM  ~~~Source~~~
New buses now serving Big Woods transit area 

Big Woods Transit showed off its fleet of all-new buses purchased with a $300,000 grant from the Federal Transportation Administration, along with matching funds provided by Fortune Bay Resort Casino.