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Community rallies around locals tou... 

The Lakefield community is rallying around two local boys touched by tragedy. On Dec. 9, 2017, second-grader Ryler Ybarra-Kraft and eighth-grader Audien Ybarra-Kraft found themselves without a mother following a fatal motor vehicle crash near Morton.

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American Indians in Minnesota reclaiming traditional tobacco 

Life lesson: Mat Pendleton, of the Lower Sioux Community, explained to students how they will leave a tobacco offering before harvesting any of the red osier dogwood. Mat Pendleton pulled his kids away from the basketball and video games on a recent Saturday to teach them a bit about a long-lost tradition.

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"Ojibway Netflix" app launched as part of effort to revive American Indian languages in Minnesota 

At the Lower Sioux Indian Community, teacher Ryan Dixon used an online game to teach students the Dakota language earlier this year. A new TV streaming app dubbed "the Ojibway Netflix" was launched this month by a Winnipeg-based company that says the app is the first Ojibwe-language streaming service.

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Lower Sioux aim to revitalize Dakota language in Minnesota 

Ryan Dixon led his high school class on a walk through the Lower Sioux Historical Site, teaching them Dakota words along the way. This fall, for the first time, a class in Dakota is being offered for high school students here on the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation as part of a statewide effort to revitalize American Indian languages.

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Now Available from Altimate Medical: The EasyStand Zing 2 

The EasyStand Zing MPS Size 2 , new from Altimate Medical, features the ability to fit individuals who range from 40 inches to 60 inches tall, and weigh up to 154 pounds. The multiposition stander, which is a larger version of the ZING MPS Size 1, is available with either a Gas Spring Lift or a Pow'r Up Lift.