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12/21/2017 05:44 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Bear shot after two attacks near Isabella 

A black bear was shot and killed by authorities Tuesday near Isabella after the bear apparently injured two people in two different incidents earlier in the day.

12/19/2017 04:36 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Bear injures two people in Lake County attack 

Authorities shot and killed a black bear near Isabella on Tuesday afternoon after the bear apparently injured two people Tuesday morning, Dec. 19. According to Lake County Sheriff Carey Johnson, two men were using power tools while working on a house when the first man noticed a bear charging the second man, and he yelled at him. The bear attacked the second man, so the first man ran over to help.

12/11/2017 10:49 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Concerned Citizens Protest Enbridge Line 3 Project 

Protestors gathered in the Black Bear Casino parking lot, and then proceeded to take a bus to one of the locations where the pipes for the project are being stored. Protestors say those pipes are being stored illegally, and that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency granted illegal approval of Enbridge construction permits for pipe storage yards.

11/27/2017 02:53 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Corps of Engineers to survey properties around Big Sandy Lake 

When the Big Sandy dam was built in 1859, it included a lock to pass boat traffic through. This was the farthest north a lock had been built.