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09/23/2018 11:47 PM  ~~~Source~~~
DNR invasive fish barrier nears completion 

An electric barrier is being installed along Mayhew Creek in Waseca County that will prevent invasive carp from swimming further upstream into Lake Elysian. Ross Baker, right, puts his shovel on a spot to demarcate a corner of a hole being dug by Bill Degan at Mayhew Creek in Janesville, Minn.

09/22/2018 02:09 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota DNR invasive fish barrier nears completion 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has begun work on an electric barrier project to keep invasive carp from reaching the Le Sueur River. The structures near Eagle Lake and Janesville are scheduled to be completed within the next two months, The Mankato Free Press reported .

09/13/2018 06:13 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota Police Chief Posts Bigoted Rant About Foreign Tourists At Yellowstone 

Apparently world-renowned tourist attractions in the United States are only for people who can speak English. So whispers racist Chief of Police, Dan Bunde from Madison Lake, Minnesota in a short-but-clear video on his Facebook page.

09/11/2018 03:11 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Madison Lake Police Chief angrily rants about non-English speakers at Yellowstone 

Earlier this summer, Madison Lake Police Chief Dan Bunde was on vacation at Yellowstone National Park. Like many tourists from all over the globe, he was drawn to the park's natural splendor - the geysers, the waterfalls, the hot springs.