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09/13/2018 06:13 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota Police Chief Posts Bigoted Rant About Foreign Tourists At Yellowstone 

Apparently world-renowned tourist attractions in the United States are only for people who can speak English. So whispers racist Chief of Police, Dan Bunde from Madison Lake, Minnesota in a short-but-clear video on his Facebook page.

09/11/2018 03:11 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Madison Lake Police Chief angrily rants about non-English speakers at Yellowstone 

Earlier this summer, Madison Lake Police Chief Dan Bunde was on vacation at Yellowstone National Park. Like many tourists from all over the globe, he was drawn to the park's natural splendor - the geysers, the waterfalls, the hot springs.

08/22/2018 04:41 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota needs thousands of new homes to address affordable housing crunch, report says 

Minnesota needs to build thousands of extra homes per year to alleviate an affordable housing crunch, a problem state officials hope to tackle with a long list of possible solutions. The scope of the crisis was laid out Tuesday by members of a task force , created by Gov. Mark Dayton last year, that presented a menu of 30 ideas that address the gap between the cost of housing and what Minnesotans can afford.

04/28/2018 04:34 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Mother who murdered daughter released from prison 

A mother who murdered her daughter in their Madison Lake home 17 years ago is once again a free woman. Julie Mae Terrell, 53, served 16 years in prison for the slaying of her 16-year-old daughter, Lauralee, in 2001.

04/19/2018 08:53 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Should Minnesota hospitals publish their prices? 

You'd probably start by shopping around and finding something within your price range. If you hit up Slumberland and didn't like their prices, you'd head to Schneiderman's, and so on.