Lonsdale News

09/07/2018 05:33 PM  ~~~Source~~~
TCU-LC roof finished, Lonsdale project to start mid-September 

After construction lasted four weeks longer than expected due to complications, the Tri-City United-Le Center roof replacement will be finished the week of Sept.

09/07/2018 05:33 PM  ~~~Source~~~
TCU board accepts bid from Mohs Construction for Lonsdale projects 

Tri-City United School Board accepted Mohs Construction Inc. of Owatonna, one of seven bidders, to oversee the projects at TCU-Lonsdale on Monday.

09/07/2018 05:33 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Local Legions help TCU band participate in American Legion 100th Anniversary Parade 

The Le Center American Legion partnered with the Legions of Montgomery and Lonsdale to help fund some lunches for the Tri-City United band kids who participated in the American Legion 100th Anniversary Parade.

05/11/2018 02:02 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesotans share stories in powerful St. Paul exhibit on mental health 

Noah Song, 10, spun the wheel of the "What Am I Feeling" station at the "Mental Health: Mind Matters" exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Mandi Latzke stepped into a small, partly enclosed room in the exhibits gallery of the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul.

02/07/2018 05:57 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Lonsdale man killed in I-35 crash west of Northfield 

A multi-vehicle crash occurred on Hwy. 35, near Northfield, in the early morning hours Wednesday, leaving one person dead.