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07/20/2018 09:31 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Don't tell me there is nothing to do, Relay and Karl Oskar Days are here 

There are two massive events taking place. The Chisago County Relay for Life and Karl Oskar Days are both upon us.

07/19/2018 11:56 PM  ~~~Source~~~
GOP Senate candidate Karin Housley tweets, deletes 'Pow Wow' picture 

This certainly looks like Sen. Karin Housley hamming it up for white people... by mocking Native Americans. But now the Republican-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate has gone and done something that should offend not just indigenous people, but the white folks who don't think they should be insulted.

07/13/2018 07:53 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Northland 'Overlook' project fails with a 3-2 vote 

Lindstrom City Council held a special meeting to decide the future of a large scale apartment complex proposed by Northland Development to be built on the current site of Dinerbel/Meredees restaurant in Lindstrom. City Hall was packed with residents hoping to learn more and to express their feelings either for or against the project before the council ultimately made its decision.

07/09/2018 05:16 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Man killed in Washington Co. head-on crash is ID'd 

Michael Day, 31, of Cottage Grove, died Friday night soon after the collision along Manning Avenue N. about 4 miles north of Hwy. 36, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

07/07/2018 12:26 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Meet Grand Marshal Joe Thimm 

Karl Oskar Days Grand Marshal Joe Thimm exercises the golden rule and is realizing its dividends. The thing most everybody says-- when asked about Joe-- is that he treats colleagues, friends, even short term professional acquaintances the way he would like to be treated.

07/06/2018 07:47 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Karl and Kristina return 

In time for Karl Oskar Days next week-- Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson are back on their pedestal in Lindstrom. The aging fiberglas statue was moved from its perch in front of the Chisago County Press building Feb. 20 and was transported to St. Paul Fabricating and Decorating, which specializes in restoring artifacts.

07/06/2018 07:47 PM  ~~~Source~~~
30 years of the Loppet 

The Lindstrom Loppet marks its 30th year during Karl Oskar Days this month. As runners and walkers take-off from the Lakes Free Church next week they'll be following in the footsteps of thousands of people who earned their T shirts helping to raise money for education scholarships, and more recently for suicide prevention trainings and work being done with students in 10 area schools.

07/06/2018 05:28 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Fourth of July was Saturday evening; another apartment meeting July 10 

If you look on the back page, you will find this year's KarlOskar Days royalty candidates. We will have a larger ad in the SearchShopper this weekend.

07/03/2018 07:11 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Chisago County Filing Statements 

I'm excited about my recent decision to run for the Chisago County Commissioner District 1 . I'm concerned that our current commissioner for this district no longer has the energy or the focus to continue to represent Chisago County residents adequately on the County Board.

06/27/2018 01:03 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Registration open for Fairview's 30th annual Lindstrom Loppet 

Registration is now open for Fairview Lakes Medical Center's 30th annual Lindstrom Loppet 5K family-friendly fitness run and walk. Race proceeds support health care scholarships and suicide prevention training for staff and students at area schools.

06/26/2018 03:23 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Officials gather to review housing processes, policies 

It isn't very often that elected city officials and zoning staff from the cities in Chisago County get a chance to meet with each other in the same room and take a look at a common issue. At a county HRA/EDA workshop last week, at the Lakes Region EMS Community Room, dozens of city officials had the chance to do just that.