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03/26/2018 11:08 PM  ~~~Source~~~
St. Peter, Minn., remembers devastating tornado 20 years later 

"It was black as sin," said Anton, a North Mankato resident who was living near St. Peter on March 29, 1998. "I thought, 'There's gonna be trouble in that sucker.'

02/03/2018 02:39 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota farmers break family tradition, raise elk 

The farm got its name, Turek's Arctic Hillcrest, from the blistering cold winds that blow during a January morning. Co-owned by Darrell Turek and Shelia Krukowski, the farm has been in the Turek name for more than a century, focusing on dairy and crops.

12/12/2017 02:40 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Fire consumes Kasota Township home, kills family pets 

The home of the Peters family on Ottawa Road was destroyed in a fire on Saturday evening.