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07/23/2018 03:52 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Letter from the prairie 

Winter blizzards not only took human lives but also unprotected cattle. It is interesting to note that bison, which had evolved on the prairie, were able to withstand the low temperatures and raging winter storms - but that was not the case for domesticated cattle.

07/06/2018 06:35 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota's new bear spotting tool is surprisingly active 

Zachary Salonek heard some rustling outside his home in south-central Minnesota around midnight recently and was startled to find a black bear rummaging through his dumpster. Brown County, where Salonek and his fianc, Cecily Eichhorn, live, is far from the 40 percent of the state that makes up Minnesota bear country.

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Cottonwood River engulfs Springfield park 

Staff photo by Fritz Busch Just about all of Riverside Park in Springfield is underwater. The Cottonwood River above Springfield was observed at 32.69 feet at noon, July 4. The mark was just below the historic crest of 32.89 feet on Sept.

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Last weekend Mass 

The end of an era of weekend Masses at Walnut Grove's St. Paul's Catholic Church was observed with a visit from Bishop John LeVoir Sunday. St. Paul's building will still be available for weddings and funerals, said Tom Keaveny, director of pastoral planning for the New Ulm Diocese.