Knife River News

08/30/2018 03:13 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Restored postal canoe delivers again - in a different capacity 

To hear Bill Picconatto tell the story, he first met his brother-in-law, Bob Carlson, when Carlson came to pick up his sister for a date. Picconatto was 20 at the time and promptly backed his car into the front end of Carlson's.

06/27/2018 03:27 PM  ~~~Source~~~
16 restaurants that should be on everyone's Duluth dining itineraries 

An honest-to-goodness drive-in , carhops and all. Burgers, hot dogs, deep-fried delights, soft-serve ice cream and fabulous, vanilla-laced housemade root beer, all at family-friendly prices.

06/15/2018 01:47 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Knife River Documentary 

Justin Christopher Ayd and Jennifer Lillemo Ayd of H8C Productions in Minneapolis have been working on a documentary about Knife River, a small community about eight miles northeast of Duluth.