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11/29/2017 12:16 PM  ~~~Source~~~
$363,851 received for local broadband expansion | Pipestone County Star 

Woodstock Communications has been awarded a $363,851 Border-to-Border Broadband Grant from the state of Minnesota to pay for a portion of the cost to bring high speed internet service to unserved parts of Pipestone County with a hybrid fiber-wireless system. The company plans to install 15-to-20 miles of fiber optic cable, build two towers near Ihlen and in the northern part of the county, and lease space on two existing towers near Trosky and north of Pipestone to provide access to the western part of the county.

08/23/2017 11:36 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Input sought on rural internet speeds 

Woodstock Communications is looking for feedback about internet speeds in rural Pipestone County as it prepares to apply for a Minnesota Border to Border Broadband grant to bring high speed broadband service to the area. Residents can access the online survey by clicking on a link on the county's website at www.pipestone-county.com.

06/14/2017 01:20 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Summer Time Fun program filled with... 

Patriotic streamers, flags, and colors of red, white and blue adorned the Brown gymnasium on Friday, June 9, as Summer Time Fun Coordinator Peg Lange prepared for 50 students going into kindergarten to fourth grade to participate in the six week program that runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The program began on Monday, June 12 and will continue through Wednesday, Aug. 16. This year Lange was inspired to have a patriotic theme, "America." "I was looking through magazines for new ideas, and that's the one that caught my eye," Lange said.

03/03/2017 06:50 AM  ~~~Source~~~
"Vote by mail? - " 

Several cities and townships in Pipestone County are or will be considering voting by mail. Tyler Reisch, Pipestone County auditor, recently sent letters to five cities and 11 townships in the county asking if they are interested in changing the way their residents cast their ballots.

03/01/2017 02:02 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Ihlen enforces animal ordinance 

The city of Ihlen is enforcing its animal ordinance against a resident who the city believes keeps more animals at her home than the code allows. Mayor Jeannie Swenson said a state humane agent with the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies informed her recently that the resident was violating the city's animal ordinance that limits the number of animals in a household to four.