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10/27/2018 05:25 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Minnesota briefs: Greenbush, Minn. will keep its only grocery store 

Local residents feared they would lose Squid's Market, their only grocery store, when longtime owner Mike Korczak put it up for sale last year. But the store will remain open in this northwest Minnesota town of 719 residents near the Canadian border after a sale to grocers from nearby Badger, Minn.

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October 24, 2018 ] Brute's Bleat by Harold Brutlag- October 24, 2018 Viewpoints 

Hunting in the northwestern part of Minnesota for ruffed grouse when you've never been there before poses more than one problem and the weather is another factor that plays into the hunt. That being said Daryl Hennen and I plus Evan's springer Bella and my setter, Vanna kind of waited for the inclement weather to disappear before heading for the Thief Lake area.