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School Extra By Bob Zimmerman 

I have learned a lot about Saint Timothy's School while doing research for my columns, and this week's edition will be a capstone report. The end of Mrs. Dawn Mc- Cabe's first school year as Principal of Saint Timothy's is in sight.

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Wright County needs loving families to provide foster care for children; orientation April 10 

Due to the increased number of children needing care and the low number of foster homes, Wright County is seeking more foster care providers in each Wright County city and township. Wright County Health and Human Services invites anyone interested in learning more about becoming a foster care provider to attend the next orientation meeting.

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Dorothy a oeDota A. Deziel, Buffalo 

Dorothy "Dot" A. DeZiel, age 74, of Buffalo, formerly of Maple Lake and Annandale, died Friday, March 30, 2018 at her home while under hospice care knowing she was greatly loved by her family. Memorial Services will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Dingmann Funeral Care Chapel in Maple Lake, with Reverand Alex Backer officiating.

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Learning Driver Goes Through DMV Wall 

Like a Buffalo, MN teenager before her, a woman in Waterbury, Connecticut lost control of her car during her driving test and drove through the wall of the testing center. Amazingly, no one was injured when 47-year-old Joselle Victory pressed the gas instead of the brake in the Toyota Prius she was driving for her test.

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Dog owner turns his pooch into a seven-foot giant in Photoshopped images 

Tall stories! Dog owner is an Instagram hit after he turns his pooch into a seven-foot giant in a series of bizarre Photoshopped images A Minnesota pet photographer's funny snaps of his beloved Goldendoodle Juji have earned him thousands of fans on his Instagram . Christopher Cline from Buffalo, Minnesota, edits photographs of Juji to turn the dog into a seven-foot giant, and create incredible adventures for himself and his pet.