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04/23/2018 03:11 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Willkommen Committee greets new MBW operations directors 

There are three new operations directors at MBW Company, Brandy Kuck, Ron Agler, and Tyler Berg, and the Willkommen Committee stopped by to meet and congratulate them! Brandy Kuck, of Hanska, was promoted internally from manager to Operations Director. Brandy started working at MBW at age 16. She also worked at MRCI for a while, and has been back at MBW for the past 12 years.

02/13/2018 06:48 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Grayscale landscapes, dive bar glamour, and hip-hop blood feuds in this week's Top 5 MN music videos 

February's frigid doldrums are upon us, and the temperature is low enough to make even the most resolute Minnesota lifer question whether or not they've made a terrible mistake. But these are necessary moments in the human experience.

01/25/2018 02:15 AM  ~~~Source~~~
Police Logs 

Kelly and a passenger, Mikayla Klusman, Honey Creek, Ia. reported minor chest pain and were assessed on the scene by Hector Ambulance Service.

01/16/2018 01:44 PM  ~~~Source~~~
Fire after possible explosion destroys central Minn. home 

There were no injuries and all the occupants of the house were safe and accounted for, Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable reported. In a news release, Hable said his office received multiple 911 calls at 4:42 p.m. Monday with reports of smoke coming and reports of an apparent explosion.