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4 Native American statues Minnesota could do without 

Chief Wenoga was one of few survivors of a battle between the Ojibwe and Sioux, and for that, he gets a party named after him. 1. Chief Busticogan, an Ojibwe, lived near the Big Fork River in what is now Itasca County, some 200 miles north of the Twin Cities.

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Ruttger's and Train Bell added to Century Resorts list 

Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge in Deerwood and Train Bell Resort in Merrifield are two of six resorts enrolled as Minnesota Century Resorts by the Minnesota Resort and Campground Association. The Century Resort designation recognizes resorts that have been in continuous operation for at least 100 years.

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Shared Stories: A Brother Bill Remembers 

Mervin Chantland was the ninth of 11 children born to his parents. The following is Mervin's recording of what an older brother told him of family stories and life in the Midwest farmland.